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Vapor Genie Review

We have made this Vapor Genie Review site because we did a lot of research before buying the VaporGenie, and since then We’ve explained the pro’s and con’s of the vaporizer to many of my friends. So We figured it would be helpful to create a site about the Genie in a easy to read, easy to find format. Feel free to contact me with any questions, We’ll answer them the best We can!

The Vapor Genie

The VaporGenie is vaporizer pipe that uses a household lighter as a heat source. It is extremely portable and one of the best-value vaporizers on the market. In exchange for the cheap price, you’ll need to learn some extra technique, but once you get it down, this vaporizer is portable favorite.

VaporGenie Pros

  • Great Price and value – around $55-65
  • The Vapor Genie has a quick heat up time, around 10 seconds.
  • This vaporizer’s heat is flame based. It can be used anywhere a lighter can.
  • The VaporGenie is small and portable vaporizer.
  • The vape’s design keeps the herb from falling out. So it can be thrown in a pocket!
  • The VaporGenie has “Lifetime Guarantee” from the manufacture. They will also mail extra screens and mouthpieces for free, for life.
  • The VaporGenie has a great design. Their are many different styles of the vapor genie; including different stains of wood, solid colors, metal and even a glass vapor genie!

VaporGenie Cons

  • Using fire as a heat source isn’t preferred.
  • The VaporGenie is heated by flame, which causes the temperature to be harder control and increases the chances of burning your herb.
  • It has a longer learning curve.
  • Burning is part of the learning process.
  • Taste and quality of vapor is sub-par compared to high end vaporizers.
  • Not good for groups because of the learning curve and size of the herb chamber.
  • Wind causes the flame on many lighters to go out. So just like with a regular pipe, a wind shield is needed from time to time. This can be especially frustrating with the genie because you need to use the flame for the entire duration of the hit.

Where Should I buy?

If you’re planning on purchasing the classic vapor genie then anywhere you buy it you’ll get the same product at the same price; $55 dollars with free shipping. If you want the $55 dollar standard vaporgenie, I recommend buying from Vape World because they give you a free grinder. But if you are interested in buying the premier versions the vapor genie like the glass or metal version, you’ll have to go straight to the manufacture. Wherever you purchase your vapor genie pipe, you’ll still have the lifetime guarantee, free screens, and mouthpieces from the manufacture.

VaporGenie favorite among enthusiasts and beginners alike.

As the first lighterpowered portable vaporizer, the Vapor Genie is revolutionary and has quickly become a favorite among enthusiasts and beginners alikeThe Vapor Genie is handheld and extremely portable, making it ideal for carrying in your pocket or purseIt features a ceramic stone filter, made of high quality silicon carbide, which is inert and heat resistantBest of all, this filter is so durable and sustainable that, if used correctly, it will never need replacementThe outer shell is crafted from solid North American Oak and sealed with a natural shellac for a high sheen finish. The Vapor Genie also boasts a Lifetime Warranty and is made in the grandole US of A!

Device really fills that void of an inexpensive portable vaporizer that the average smoker can use on a daily basis. I received my first vapor genie as a gift from a friend of mine who purchased one for herself and just couldn’t stop raving about it,.

Mary is actually a long time marijuana smoker and has quite the collection of some of the most amazing glass I have ever seen, her personal favorites are small bubblers due to the fact that they are not as harsh as your average pipe but can still fit into her purse.

Obviously this was not a great solution due to the fact that the bubbler required water so she would aways have to source some or use her water bottle, then empty the piece before putting it back in her purse never completely dry.

The Vapor Genie Vaporizer is one of those classic “have your cake and eat it too” situations by many accounts, the price is comparable to your average hand blown glass bowl and it works pretty much exactly the same… just better.

As the diagram to the left shows, operation of a Vapor Genie Vaporizing Pipe is extremely similar to the conventional combustion devices that are commonly used to smoke your herb. The ceramic filter easily unscrews from the pipe itself to allow you to pack the bowl, I would recommend filling it about half way with your finely ground cannabis but depending on how long you want the bowl to last you can add more or less.

While using the vaporizer itself is extremely simple it will take a few hits to get used to, after your first bowl you should now be an expert on how close you like the flame

Visitors feedback and impretions



Me and my girlfriend ordered this pipe a few days ago and its come in quick and gets you totally happy that you bought it after you use it haha. It makes you feel healthier and and i no longer feel bogged down by low sluggish energy from tabacko smoke anymore. As a result i was able to lose 6 pounds playing basketball afterwards so its also really beneficial for that reason too, although often overlooked by pipe smokers. Me and my girlfriend are so happy! Thank you VaporGenie. Great price, quality and aftereffects.



I have used herbs for years for a few conditions, but mainly to control my epilepsy. Also have asthma and acid reflux, so smoking of any kind counteracts the benefits, which is why I generally ingest herbs or use tinctures, but this can make me very drowsy, so it can only be done before bedtime. I cannot afford a standard vaporizer, nor are they particularly portable. This vaporizer is amazing, it’s small enough to take anywhere, and works surprisingly well considering its simplicity.

It is a product that is best for people who understand the herbs they are using, and who want the maximum health benefits. The effects take longer to experience, and can be more intense than a standard pipe would deliver. It’s important to understand how the number of vapor puffs you take will affect you. Generally one to two puffs is sufficient.

The Vapor Genie takes a little practice. It took me a few weeks to really get the hang of it, but now I won’t use anything else. The big thing is to make sure your flame does not touch the ceramic filter, to shake the chamber a few times between puffs to mix your herbs or tobacco, and to stop before you get the “popcorn” smell or flavor. This means you are now burning, vs. vaporizing.

I share my Vapor Genie with all of my friends who use herbs, and across the board they love it. I do hold the flame for beginners, which makes it easier for them to enjoy and understand it’s usage. It’s also important to remember that you are using butane, so it’s best to use just the tip of the flame for six seconds, then take it off, and continue pulling in the vapor for as long as you are comfortable. The vapor is never hot (if you use proper technique), so you can pull in quite a bit and it will not hurt you.

Oh, I am a singer too and my voice has improved dramatically due to the fact that I am no longer burning my throat. It can take a while for people to process the fact that they don’t have to feel a painful burn or expansion of their lungs in order to enjoy the effects of their herbs. Once they realize they can benefit without pain, they ask me where to buy one.



So this was my intro to the world of vaporizing. I almost gave up, but thanks to the internet I found how to use it. Since you use a flame to heat the product it is really hard to control. Too hot or not hot enough.. But when it works it works well. I did get a small pocket unit..

Now I’m hooked vaporizing 100%


Kane skaggs

works as advertised. surprise! after exclusively using the pipe for about 3 days i found regular smoking extremely distasteful. tasted like smoking autumn leaves or worse. warning use of this product may end your smoking days!!



This is a pretty good pipe. Its a vaporizer and its cheap, and it’s handheld and portable. Pretty good deal for the price of what your getting. Convenient nice and smooth…



Got a persistent cough? Use this product to save your lungs and get rid of the cough.



When I bought mine it was $49.99 but I just got one for my mom has now gone up to ~$60 most places. has them for $55 with free shipping.



Very simple pipe and is very efficient at what it does. Uses very little of your product and once mastered it is very quick and easy to use.

Extremely portable, can fit into most male jeans pockets. Very easy to use, just fill it up and it is good to go. No inhaling any nasty smoke, your lungs will thank you.

As an added tip I found using it upside down while smoking to be more effective. Keep the lighter lit under it for about 6 or so seconds while continuously inhaling, the heat rises right into it and you no longer have to worry about perfectly controlling the flame with your draws. One word of advice, be careful when letting others try it (especially if it’s their first time), make sure they don’t inhale the flame too much or they’ll create soot and clog the filter screen.

Other than that, I love this pipe.


It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of using this thing, but now that I have, it works wonderfully. I find it a good way to conserve my legal herbs –smoking destroys some of the actives, so vapor is an alternative that allows maximum potency. It’s also more discreet. There is still a pleasant herbal odor but you don’t get that strong burning smell. The vapor tastes awesome compared to smoke too, again just a pleasant herbal taste. And of best of all, it’s easy on my lungs!

The only thing I would like is if they gave it a longer/flexible mouthpiece so you can more easily see what you’re doing when lighting it. I added a 5″ length of rubber tubing over the mouthpiece of mine and it’s now by far the favorite piece in my collection. Still worth 5 stars for the price (compared to other vaporizers out there), effectiveness and overall satisfaction.

If you’re trying to pull the flame into the chamber with the herb it will taste horrible and will not work correctly. The very first time I used this I accidentally pulled the flame against the filter. It tasted horrible and I didn’t get any vapor. I also have made the mistake of putting too much herb in the bowl. The result was burned herb. Less is more with this method!


I really like this pipe. Will I drop all other methods not really but it let’s u conserve your herbs. Also some products still taste horrible even used right. Minty flavors can irritate throat if you turn your hit from pipe into inhaling( as say you where breathing thru pipe). Hit it exhale hit it exhale. If you blow out vapor “smoke” but still no smokey smoke taste it’s just vapor. Goes quick. Once brown/char black your done. I’d try to aim for dark brown into black as a set point. Other screens at filler can be used you don’t have to re-use this one.



I just got my VaporGenie in the mail today and used it twice. I’m not sure why people say there’s a learning curve because I found it worked great the first time – as long as you realize how it works, and don’t try to burn the herb.
I’ll write another review in a month to report on what will hopefully be a positive effect on my respiratory system from switching from a glass pipe to a Vapor Genie!


Why waste your money on these other over-priced, inconvenient to transport electric vaporizers when you can get a VaporGenie? This pipe is so handy and easy to use (once you get the feel for it and understand how to control temperature to get the ideal usage). Other pipes have nasty aluminum chambers (this one is stainless steel I believe) and are soooo bulky. As another user suggested, using the pipe upside down allowing the heat to rise natural does do the trick! GET ONE!


josh nugen

i’ve had mine for 3 years now and all you need to do is switch out the screen now n then.if it’s getting clogged you’re burning and not vaping.boil the charcoal filter if it gets black from idiots touching the flame to it too many times and it’s like new takes practice but works the same or even better than the large vapes.pack loose,keep lid slightly loose,hover flame just above the hole,and you should be good. when you taste burnt popcorn you’re done.



This product succeeds in filling the gap between traditional pipes and electronic vaporizers. No longer lugging around a huge box and needing a cord, and no longer breathing in so much harmful smoke.

My lungs, mouth, and throat have never felt better. This truly can be used as a medical device.

Try testing out the device using dried mint leaves or any other leaf that won’t taste like wood, you will save a lot of money!


Vaporizer Expert

First off, I should say that if you’re looking for a portable, lighter operated vape, this is it. When operated correctly, this pipe DOES vaporize, without causing the organics to combust. I’ve been burned by other companies selling “vaporizers” that turn out to just be pipes. Based on that and the price, I would give this item a good review. It does what it says, and it’s affordable. On the other side, the vapes taste strange, and lack the potency I’m used to. Don’t get me wrong, the first two draws or so taste really good, but then the taste changes. This is probably not the fault of the pipe, but of vaporizing in general. The potency was the issue for me. It just lacks the strength I’m used to.

I’m trying to be balanced here. It DOES vaporize as advertised, it’s just not very strong. It’s also a pretty neat looking piece.



Everyone saying it doesn’t work, doesn’t know how to read directions or doesn’t care enough to look online for three mins. Yes it may not be the most effective vape, but at the price and ease of use there is nothing else out there, nothing else at all. Its cool. And if this one breaks or gets lost, i will buy another, but id get one of the hand-carved one they look even more like a regular pipe, i could vape easily anywhere smoking is allowed in public without no one noticing. overall, as you can tell by my rant, i’m very satisfied.


This was the first vaporizer I ever used and didn’t realize there would be any visible vapor when you exhaled, I thought I was overheating it and thought I couldn’t control the heat and was burning it, so I didn’t really give it a chance.

If you have used a vaporizer before and know to expect seeing the vapor this is an inexpensive way to try vaporizing and may be a good portable choice.

After trying the iolite portable vaporizer, I have found the iolite to be the only way to go for a nice portable unit (it is also a lot more expensive)


tony little

What a difference this pipe makes. Now I can actually taste my herb (it tastes sweet and smooth, NO SMOKE to suffocate on). NEVER going back to regular pipe. This was definitely a game changer. DO NOT USE a BLOW TORCH Lighter, too much heat might damage the wood around the bowl.



I’m so happy with this product. All you need is a lighter. No plugs, no wires, and no bulky product. The Vapor Genie is an amazing product. No more smell that lingers for days after consumption. No cancer-causing free radicals, tar, and carbon monoxide. I highly recommend this portable and effective product!



I take my vapor genie with me everywhere. Its so nice to be able to go from the desert to the mountains to the ocean with a nice little pipe that wont break if i drop it and won’t kill me with smoke. Also for those interested the wooden vapor genie will float!!! Don’t ask me how I know.


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