Vapor Cannon 4G Hands Free

The Vapor Cannon 4G Hands Free from Vapor Warez is one of the top rated box style vaporizers you can find out on the market today. This particular herbal vaporizer resembles other box style vaporizers, but the difference between the Vapor Cannon and other similar products is found in the style and reliability of the design; aside from lacking a digital temperature control or display, this is a perfect box style vaporizer. The main edge that the Vapor Cannon has over other herbal vaporizers is that it is completely hands free; simply slide the whip on the specially designed ground glass fitting to maintain contact with the heating element.

The Vapor Cannon 4G is also superior in that it sports a ceramic heating element which is excellent for the quality and cleanliness of the vapor the user will be inhaling. This is very simple machine to use. With all of the technology out there, often times these things are made harder to operate than they should be; The Vapor Cannon is extremely easy to use. Simply turn the machine on and turn the temperature dial about 3/4 of the way clockwise. The Cannon has a warm up time of about 2 minutes, so you should be vaporizing in no time at all. The other great thing about this herbal vaporizer is its excellent price…you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg on this machine.

The Vapor Cannon 4G Hands Free is an extremely sound machine backed by a very trusted and reliable manufacturer, Vapor Warez. Check out some of the available Vapor Warez Vapor Cannon 4G Hands Free available for sale below through the latest auctions on eBay.


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