The silver surfer vaporizer is quite unique courtesy of the slanted aluminum design and the hand-crafted glass temperature knob and patent-pending glass heater cover.

Upon first sight I couldn’t tell how to use the thing, but its unique slanted shape allows you to place the whip in an upward direction against the heat source. This feature is an obvious solution to the awkward and often wasteful downward position many other whip style herbal vaporizers available currently use.

7th Floor (the company producing the Silver Surfer Vaporizer) takes it to the next level by providing a number of unique accessory options available for it. The hands free device actually holds the wand to the heater for you when you just want to sit back and relax, another accessory is the aromatop which the manufacturers say will let you use the Silver Surfer as a fragrance diffuser whilst you use it as a vaporizer.

The Quick Change Wand is the third custom accessory offered for the Silver Surfer Vaporizer and the hour-glass shape of the Silver Surfer wand prevents the screen from falling to the bottom stopping any problematic screen removals in the future.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review

– Silver Surfer Vaporizer Unit
– Quick Change Wand
– 3/8″ super soft whip
– Glass Mouthpiece
– 3 Replacement Screens
– Custom Glass Stir Tool
– Hemp Carry Bag

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Comments (7)


I’ve owned this vaporizer for about a year now, and it’s… AWESOME!!! I can’t use pipes, rolling papers, or blunt wraps for my herbs anymore – they’re just too harsh!

-I’ve dropped it about two dozen times and it still works
-Makes herbs last several times longer
-Tons of options
-Free carrying case
-Makes herbs last longer
-Herbs don’t smell nearly as strong, and are much healthier
-Super long (ten foot?) cord

-Temperature knob holds up pretty well, but can be problematic if you’re not paying attention and accidentally drop it
-Entire housing gets WARM at full temperature. Don’t touch for too long, and don’t forget about it

-Clean the vaporizer every two weeks or so with a bong cleaning solution – otherwise, the internal filter gets too clogged and you have to start turning up the heat.

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This product is totally awesome..totally. Package was well wrapped, and nothing was broken upon delivery. All the parts work as they should, and its very efficient with the amount of vapor released. For the price, this has gotta be as good as it gets. Buy it.

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I received this item in the mail and i am happy to say that every dollar i spent was completely worth it, and then some. I have owned many vaporizers from various smoke shops and internet websites and i have to say this is the best i have owned for the price even comparable to the volcano which is at least 200 to 400 dollars more expensive.

The temperature stays on mark throughout the duration of your session and takes only a minute and a half to reach temperatures of 380 ( which is my preferred temperature). The vapor is very smooth and tasteful and i love the hands free option which makes the silver surfer hassle free to smoke. I am very confident i will not have any problems with this wonderful machine and even if i did i trust the manufacturers at cp power tools to help me with whatever i wanted because of their very responsive and helpful customer service. so to all of you smokers out there willing to spend some money on a mid price vaporizer i would definitely recommend this product to you peace….

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who ever manages to get through the learning curve of a general vaporizor will then open his mind to a much healthier but also a tasful way of smokin. With vapor use you realize, or at least I did, that u can better distinguish the various aromas that blend in to one herb.
Generally what people miss is the usual nicotine rush you get first few minutes when liting up the herb. This is a psycholgical barrier that needs to be overcome by insisting using the vapor pipe until you master the use and open the Door To New Perceptions 😉


GD Star Rating

Harry Pothead

I find this to be a really nice looking vaporizer. This vaporizer actually works as great as it looks.

– Long lasting ceramic heating element
– Solid Aluminum Construction
– Really Slick Looking Vape!
– Three Year Warranty
– Easy Screen Changes
– Very Efficient
– Great Price
– Adjustable from 200°F to 900°F
– Really Fast Startup from 1-3 minutes

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The Silver Surfer not only has a cool name but it works very well. The result is better than traditional methods and the health effects are lessened. What’s not to like? It was also real easy to figure out how it works. Thumbs Up from me.

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You don’t hear too much about the Silver Surfer vaporizer all the time but I will tell you why its still my go-to vaporizer after almost three years. IT WORKS EVERY TIME! SOLID. I flip on the Silver Surfer and throw in a dab of my favorite oil and bam Its vapor right into my lungs making my day just amazing. I would spend thousands of dollars on this vaporizer if I had to but I am just fortunate enough to live in a day & age where our kiddies are making these neat little toys for us! I just ordered the Lifesaber Vaporizer from Vapor Shop looking forward to leaving a review on that soon.