Iolite Portable Vaporizer

The Iolite Portable Vaporizer, also known as the I-Inhale, is one of the most revolutionary products on the vaporizing market today. This vaporizer rivals most others today because of its innovative technology that requires neither batteries nor a power cord. The Iolite portable vaporizer was developed and is still manufactured today in Carlow Ireland by Oglesby & Butler Ltd. This company has been developing and manufacturing portable gas powered products for over 25 years, so you can bet the Iolite portable is a sound and quality device. One of my favorite features of the Iolite is its size; this unit is very compact and easy to use. Also, like most vaporizers, the Iolite is very efficient with the herb used…nothing is ever wasted.

The best feature of this herbal vaporizer is definitely in its power source. This vaporizer is powered solely by butane gas, and runs on a very minimal amount, which makes this truly the most portable herbal vaporizer on the market today. The I-inhale also contains a very advanced and flameless gas catalytic heater and thermostat. This vaporizer has a very advanced temperature controller; the Iolite can maintain at 374 degrees Fahrenheit with a variance of only 5 degrees. The quality of this temperature controller rivals that of the Volcano Vaporizer Classic.

This is also an extremely healthy and efficient vaporizer. The catalytic conversion of the butane happens within an isolated area inside of the unit so that the ingredient is heated and the butane is expelled as water vapor. Because of this isolated reaction and the butane being rendered completely inert, there are no risks at all to the user’s health. The butane is also extremely efficient and cheap; a small amount of butane can allow a user to vaporize continuously for over two hours. This is much easier, convenient and affordable than more traditional styles of vaporizers.

There are A few negative things I have noticed with the Iolite Portable Vaporizer, nothing major, but things to consider. Compared to other styles of vaporizers, this one is a bit noisy. The price of this unit might be another deciding issue for some users. The Iolite usually runs for about $250-$300 which is a bit expensive, but it is an amazing piece of technology that, in my opinion, is worth every penny.

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