Hands Free Digital Vaporizer

The hands free digital vaporizer from Easy Vape is one of the top rated hands free whip style vaporizers of the last few years. This is a traditional box style vaporizer that many people are used to seeing, however, this model has a few tweaks and adjustments that bring it up to date with today’s standards and technology. The most obvious advancement in this technology is the digital temperature readout on the front of the machine. Along with the temperature knob there is also a pulsing blue LED light that lets you know the status of your desired temperature.

One of the biggest benefits of this vaporizer is the price. The Easy Vape Hands Free Digital is one of the most affordable vaporizers on the market; it is considerably less than some of the more expensive vaporizers, such as the Volcano Digit. You get a great vaporizer at a great price. Another awesome aspect of this vaporizer is its size. The Hands Free is very, very compact; it is 5″ tall, 6″ long and 4″ wide. This makes this vaporizer easily stored and transported. Also, like many of the vaporizers on the market, this one is very durable. The shell of this machine is made from highly engineered polycarbonate plastic. This means that it has a very high impact tolerance. Most of these are also backed by a 5 year warranty on the heating element.

One of my other favorite aspects of this vaporizer is that it is hands free. The whip that comes with this vaporizer is also quite large and you can also easily control the thickness of the vapor. One downfall to the size of the whip is that it may require more herb in order to tightly pack it and keep herb from accidentally falling out. There are also many inconsistancies among users as to the accuracy of the temperature guage. Some say it is inaccurate, and others say it is extremely accurate. In my personal use of this vaporizer, I have found it to be just as accurate as many of the more expensive ones on the market.

Overall, this vaporizer is extremely easy to use, very affordable and very quick to heat up. If you are looking for your first vaporizer and are not quite ready to make a huge investment on something more expensive, then this is the perfect tool to get you into the world of vaporizing.