Da Buddha

Da Buddha Herbal Vaporizer is the other wand style vaporizer offered from the USA based company, 7th Floor. Da Buddha is brother to the infamous Silver Surfer Vaporizer and shares many similarities to it. Like the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha is made in the USA from primarily anodized aluminum which means that this machine can take quite a beating and keep on ticking. This vaporizer also uses an entirely ceramic heater which is good news for all the healthy and pure vapor fans. Because this vaporizer uses a ceramic heater, only untainted air is allowed through the tubing and wand. Many other wand style vaporizers allow air to pass by all of the electrical wires and connections inside the unit. Da Buddha has all hot metal eliminated from the path of the air being inhaled to give you the cleanest vaporizer possible.

This vaporizers is also said to be the ultimate in vaporizing technology in terms of potency, flavor and value. This machine is designed to reduce consumption while at the same time receiving the same effects. With Da Buddha you vaporize 1/3 to 1/2 what you currently use to smoke. Combustion usually tends to destroy around 50%-60% of the active ingredient in the herb you use. This equals great value in terms of the amount of herb you are saving by vaporizing.

Da Buddha Vaporizer silver surfer

Da Buddha is designed to be pretty much worry free. These machines all come with a 3 year warranty, so if anything should happen, which it shouldn’t, you can send it back, have it fixed and returned to you at no cost…but it has been said that this machine is pretty much impossible to break. In addition to being covered by a warranty, this is also an extremely safe machine. No matter what the temperature the heating unit gets up to, the housing always remains cool to the touch; no worries of accidentally burning yourself. Another great thing about this vaporizer is that it looks very similar to its brother, the Silver Surfer which is renowned for its good looks. Da Buddha’s heater space is even slightly larger than the Surfer which allows for more delivery when using. Also, like the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha is a quality unit at a low price.